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You want your family to be 100% financially healthy and secure.

Instead of pulling your hair out over your money, you want to . . .

  • Plan your spending . . . instead of wondering after the fact where your money went.
  • Sketch out the goals that matter to YOU . . . so you can use your money to get there.
  • Track your financial progress easily and accurately . . . so you always know where you stand.
  • See at a glance what's already working for you . . . and what's holding you back.
  • Keep it all beautifully organized & accessible . . . so managing our money is empowering and not intimidating.

But starting a budget from scratch?

Putting the right systems in place to manage your money?

And keeping everything running smoothly with your busy lifestyle?

Who has time for that???

What you really need is a ready-to-go system that has everything already done for you!

. . . an easy-to-use but powerfully comprehensive budget that you can customize and implement immediately.

PLUS the resources that will help you stick to that buget, identify problems proactively, and keep on track and motivated!

Now, managing and mastering your money is nearly effortless with . . .

My Budget Binder

My Budget Binder - Prioritized Living
  • Say goodbye to the overwhelm and the massive effort required to create a budget.
  • Everything you need to build & live on a budget is beautifully packaged for you in this 72-page workbook.
  • Maximize your budgeting success with worksheets for every stage of the process.
  • Get organized & get in control of your money easily with My Budget Binder. Simply print and go!

More than 1000 people have already created their budgets with the step-by-step template in My Budget Binder!

Here's what's inside My Budget Binder:

My Budget Binder Pages - Prioritized Living

My Budget Binder comes ready-to-go with . . .

  • Financial goal-setting worksheets to keep you focused on what matters most
  • A net worth tracker that gives you a bird's-eye view of your month-by-month progress
  • A comprehensive budget template & detailed directions that walk you through the setup process
  • Bill payment calendars that keep you on top of all your bills' due dates
  • Savings tracking sheets for identifying your goals & keeping your progress transparent
  • Expense tracking sheets for categorizing your costs & identifying easily where your money goes each month
  • Debt tracking sheets for getting each of your debts organized & keeping tabs on your progress toward being 100% debt-free
  • . . . and more!


What's included in My Budget Binder?

You'll get 72 pages specially designed to help you think about, create, and manage your very own budget. Just slip the pages into any three-ring binder, and you'll have a resource that's ready to support your financial journey.

How do I get My Budget Binder once I buy?

After you purchase, you'll immediately get a link to the My Budget Binder digital download (PDF file). You can save the PDF easily to your device, print it, and get started using My Budget Binder right away!

Will My Budget Binder really help me build a budget I can use?

You bet! More than 1000 people have already created their budgets with the step-by-step template in My Budget Binder. It guides you through the process of making and balancing your family's budget. Just follow the directions to write in your numbers and craft the perfect budget. 

Can I use My Budget Binder just once?

No way! My Budget Binder can be used year after year. Once you download My Budget Binder, it's yours forever. Print additional copies (or extra copies of the pages you use most) whenever you need them.

Can I share My Budget Binder with my friends and family?  

Sorry, My Budget Binder is protected by copyright, so your copy is just for you. However, you can use the social share buttons at the bottom of this webpage, so your loved ones can buy their own copy of My Budget Binder!  

Is my payment information safe?

Absolutely! Your payment data is 100% safe and encrypted.

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She blogs about money, time management, and organizing at Prioritized Living, a blog for busy women who want to maximize the value of what they already have & live their goals with purpose! She loves using a budget to chart her family's financial course!

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