The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle
The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle

You want your family to be 100% financially healthy and secure.

You want your home to be clean and organized every day of the year.

Now you can have it all.

Does this sound familiar?

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You want to reach your financial dreams in the future while taking care of your family's needs in the present.

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You want a home that's clean and clutter-free . . . without spending all your time on household chores.

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You can't keep track of all your bills' due dates or the last time you did one of the million chores that's on your plate.

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You want to spend less time managing your home & your money, so you can enjoy life with the people you love!

With this two-in-one bundle, you can finally stop the struggle with your home & your money.

You get My Budget Binder . . .

My Budget Binder Contents


The One-Year Family Chore Chart System!

The One-Year Family Chore Chart System - Prioritized Living

You get My Budget Binder . . .

My Budget Binder Contents


The One-Year Family Chore Chart System!

The One-Year Family Chore Chart System - Prioritized Living

More than 1000 people have already created their budgets with the step-by-step template in My Budget Binder!

Peek inside My Budget Binder...

Why My Budget Matters

Guided thought exercise

Clarify your why and identify your motivation for budgeting.

Net Worth Tracker

Net worth tracker

Track 12 months of key financial figures for income, expenses, and net worth.

Create Your Budget

Comprehensive budget template

Build your family's complete and custom budget with this powerful template. Just plug in your numbers and go!

Financial Goal Planner

Financial goal planning sheets

Pin down short- and long-term financial goals and the necessary action steps.

Savings and Debt Trackers

Savings & debt trackers

Grow your savings and wipe out debt with worksheets for every account.

Bill Payment Calendars

Bill payment calendars

Use these 12 months of calendars to keep tabs on upcoming due dates, schedule financial tasks, and note milestones toward your goals.

Budget Reflection

Monthly budget reflections

Identify what's working, where you'd like to improve, what you've learned, and what's coming up next month.

My Budget Binder Instructions

Step-by-step directions

It's all here. Get the low-down on how the system works, how to create your budget, how to use each worksheet, and how you can use this binder to reach success!

Here's how your new chore system works...

The One-Year Family Chore Chart System walks you through the process of setting up a foolproof system for getting all your household chores completed. With a fixed weekly time commitment, your family will get absolutely everything done!

So you can get back to enjoying your home and your life.


Generate your master chore list

Use the included brainstorming guide to list out every task your family needs to tackle.


Categorize your chores

Use the included worksheets to split your chores into separate lists -- daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual chores.


Give every chore a time estimate

Estimate the number of minutes you'll need for every chore. And assign a responsible person for each task -- you, your spouse, the kids, whoever!


Compute your magic number

Use the step-by-step calculation sheet to figure out exactly how many minutes of chores your family needs to tackle every week to stay on track and get everything done!


Work your system

Track your progress in the chore log. So you'll know precisely when you're DONE with chores. Plus, easily see how much make-up time you need if you fall behind.

Peek inside The One-Year Family Chore Chart System...

The Mega Family Chore List: 121 Household Chores

Mega list of household chores

121 common household chores to help you create your master chore list

Daily Chore Log

Your summary chore log

Keep tabs on your progress. You'll always know exactly when you're finished with your family's chores -- and how to catch up if you fall behind.

The One-Year Chore Checklist

One-year chore checklists

Chore checklists for every type of chore. Keep tabs on who, what, when, and how long for every task on your list.

Calculations Sheet

Step-by-step calculations

Compute your family's magic number -- the number of minutes you'll need each week to keep your home clean & organized.

Directions for The One-Year Family Chore Chart System

Detailed directions for every step

It's all here. Get the low-down on how the system works, how to crunch your numbers, how to use your checklists & chore log, and how you can use this book to reach success!

12 Decorative Covers


A dozen decorative covers

Included in your purchase are 12 bonus decorative covers. Pick and print a beautiful cover that fits your style. So you'll want to pick up (and use!) The One-Year Family Chore Chart System every day!

Hi, I'm Megan!

I'm Megan Nye, the owner of Prioritized Living, an extensively published personal finance writer, and a fanatic for organizing my family's home and life!

Megan Nye

As a money expert and writer, I've created articles for Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma, Citi, Wells Fargo, Lending Tree, RetailMeNot, Discover, and many more financial businesses and publications.

But I'm also the official money manager, life organizer, and Container Store buyer for our busy family. So I know the struggle of working toward your financial goals and keeping your home organized while juggling all. the. things.

At the end of the day, you want to feel confident that your finances are in order . . . so you can enjoy the stuff that really matters in life! And you want a clean, clutter-free home . . . without having your household chores consume your life!

So I created these systems.

With My Budget Binder and The One-Year Family Chore Chart System, you can ensure everything gets done the right way. And you can put more than you realize on autopilot. So managing your life and your future isn't your full-time job.

I hope my systems help you and your family create a comfortable, happy home and a bright financial future for your family!

Get tons of great resources over at the Prioritized Living blog -- a blog for busy women who want to maximize the value of what they already have & live their goals with purpose! You'll find valuable information on money, organizing, and time management.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in My Budget Binder?

You'll get 72 pages specially designed to help you think about, create, and manage your very own budget:

  • A preliminary reflection on why you choose to budget, so you stay focused on your big-picture goal
  • A 12-month Net Worth Tracker so you can watch your savings grow
  • A Financial Goal Planner to help you identify and progress toward all your money goals
  • A comprehensive Budget Template to make designing your budget a breeze
  • Monthly Bill Payment Calendars so you never miss a due date
  • 4 Savings Trackers to keep tabs on your big and little savings goals
  • An Expense Tracker so you always know where your money is going
  • 5 Debt Payment Trackers to keep your debts organized as you pay them down
  • Monthly Budget Reflections to help you live your budget journey intentionally, learn, and improve as you go!
  • Step-by-step instructions so you can easily dive in and use My Budget Binder for your money and your family!

What's included in The One-Year Family Chore Chart System?

You'll get a 75-page book (plus bonus pages!) specially designed to help you create, customize, use, and track your very own family chore system:

  • A mega chore list: A master list of 121 household chores, sorted by frequency (daily, weekly, bi-monthly, etc.). With this handy list, you'll never forget any of your tasks!
  • A one-year chore checklist: A checklist for every chore frequency you have. You'll always know what's done and what remains on your list.
  • A powerful calculation sheet: The step-by-step worksheet for computing your family's magic number. Learn precisely how many minutes you'll need to spend on chores so you're always on track.
  • A daily chore log: An easy-to-use tracker that lets you see how many minutes your family's spent on chores and when. See at a glance if you fall behind or get ahead!
  • Step-by-step instructions: Every section comes with directions that let you dive in immediately with this system. Set up your family's chore system quickly and easily!
  • 12 bonus covers: Beautify your system with a colorful cover of your choice!

How do I know The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle is right for me?

The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle My Budget Binder is for anyone who's looking to make & follow a budget and create & maintain a clean, organized home. If you want to make these processes easier, faster, and foolproof, this system is for you.

You get a complete methodology PLUS all the worksheets you need in one place. So you can easily...

  • map out your financial goals,
  • create that budget,
  • track your financial progress,
  • customize your family's chore system,
  • keep your home looking good all the time,
  • make adjustments when your situation changes,
  • and create more time for enjoying life!

Use it for just you, a small family, or an entire household. These systems are beautifully customizable and perfect for managing your home and your money at every life stage!

How do I get The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle once I purchase?

After you purchase, The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle will be delivered as a digital download (a ZIP file containing PDFs) within 10 minutes. Check the inbox of the E-mail address you provide during checkout.

If you don't see the E-mail within 10 minutes, check your spam and promotions folders.

Still can't find it? If you have previously opted out of Prioritized Living's E-mails, you may not receive your purchase, as I'll be blocked from sending to your E-mail address. If that's the case, please use a different E-mail address for your purchase, or contact me for assistance at [email protected]

Can I use this bundle just once?

No way! My Budget Binder & The One-Year Family Chore Chart System can be used year after year. Once you download this bundle, it's yours forever. Print additional copies (or extra copies of the pages you use most) whenever you need them.

How do I wrangle all the pages that come with The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle?

Once you have your digital download, save the PDFs easily to your device, print them, and get started using My Budget Binder & The One-Year Family Chore Chart System right away! In just minutes, you'll have two incredible resources that are ready to support your family's needs.

To avoid confusion, you'll want to separate the pages for My Budget Binder & The One-Year Family Chore Chart System. Assemble the two books separately, or put them in a single household binder with tabs to separate them.

How should you organize the pages?

Many people punch holes in the pages and slip them easily into a colorful 3-ring binder. You can also use spiral binding that allows you to turn pages a full 360 degrees. (For DIY spiral binding, I highly recommend the GBC ProClick system [affiliate link*]. It allows you to add and remove pages whenever you want.)

Can I share this bundle with my friends and family?

Sorry, My Budget Binder & The One-Year Family Chore Chart System are protected by copyright, so your copies are just for you. However, you can use the social share buttons at the bottom of this webpage, so your loved ones can buy their own copy of The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle!

Is my payment information safe?

Absolutely! Your payment data is 100% safe and encrypted. 

What is your return policy?

The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle is a digital file that's yours to download once you purchase. As there's no way to return a digital file once you're given access to it, I do not offer refunds for this product.

However, if you have any problems or questions with The Deluxe Chore & Budget Bundle, please contact me at [email protected] I'm happy to help as you get set up!


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