The Ultimate Budget Template from Prioritized Living
The Ultimate Budget Workbook Interior

More than 1000 people have already created their budgets with this step-by-step template!

FINALLY. Budgeting made simple.

Create your family's budget with this simple step-by-step approach.


Ditch the stress

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and the massive effort required to create a budget for your family!


A comprehensive template

Everything you need — in exquisite detail so you know you’re not missing anything — is packaged for you in this 17-page workbook.


Your money at a glance

In addition to pages for income and expenses, you get a clean summary table that shows you exactly how much you’re bringing in, how much you’re spending, and how much you’re saving.


Bonus alert!

This template includes valuable Expense Tracker Worksheets that allow you to map your progress against your plan.

Brought to you by Megan Nye at Prioritized Living

Megan Nye is a money expert and prolific financial writer. She's written articles for Business Insider, U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma, Citi, Wells Fargo, Lending Tree, RetailMeNot, Discover, and many more financial businesses and publications.

She blogs about money, time management, and organizing at Prioritized Living, a blog for busy women who want to maximize the value of what they already have & live their goals with purpose! She loves using a budget to chart her family's financial course!

Megan Nye