Getting Your Stuff Togethe:r Dont Start from Scratch

Have you ever wanted to torch your entire house so that you could start over without the mess?

Shortly after my son was born — while we were still trying to figure out which end of the kid was up — we started to get behind on the dishes.  A tiny pile of used plates and pans began to turn into a full-blown mountain range of stuff.  I was sorely tempted to trash everything so I could have an empty sink and clean counters again.

Do you too feel as though you’ve lost control over some space?  Maybe it’s an area of your home, your office, your purse, your garage, or your hidden kitchen counters.  Whether the problem is a new one or an issue that’s been plaguing you forever, you don’t have to start from scratch to get organized.

Get your stuff together quickly by taking advantage of the fact that you’re more organized than you realize.

Find an organized space or a well-functioning system.

A common mistake that people make when organizing is assuming that they should go back to the drawing board if some element of their living space isn’t working for them.  Don’t assume.

Look around and see what is working for you.  What do you take for granted as always being where it should be or being ready to go at a moment’s notice?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Really search for these overlooked areas of your secret organizational skills.  (Then, congratulate yourself on not being the total mess you thought you were.)

Study what’s working for you.

Pick one of the organized areas of your life that you’ve discovered and really study it.  Now answer this question:

Why does it work for you?

Study what it is about those spaces or your habit around them that works for you.

Apply what’s working to what’s not working.

Once you’ve identified why some elements of your living space are functioning well, see if you can apply those principles to the areas that are circling the drain.

What’s your organized oasis in a sea of chaos?

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