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Remember all of those lofty goals and resolutions you made for this year?  By now, you may have remembered one of the big reasons you didn’t meet all of last year’s goals — not enough time!  Enter multitasking.

When I was in college, every student was required to take (among other things) a course on non-western culture, a course on gender studies, and a history course.  None of these subject areas related to my degree or significant areas of interest, and I wanted to free up as many electives as possible for those topics.  I did what a number of other students were already doing — took the one course that fulfilled all three requirements simultaneously!

What Multitasking Shouldn’t Look Like

If the goal of multitasking is to accomplish two things at once, then you fail right off the bat if you only partially accomplish the two things you set out to do simultaneously.

Better Ways to Multitask

Take a look at your current goals and get creative about finding complementary activities.  Some examples:

In addition, think about grouping activities together to save time:

What types of multitasking do (and don’t) work for you?

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