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Seize Control of Your Time With This One Skill

In the last four months, have you been mastering these 9 essential skills for busy people?  If so, you’re now able to . . .

If you still feel too busy, focus on this critical skill for seizing control of your time:

Categorize every task you have on your plate.

If your day (or your life!) is mired in chaos, then you might feel as though you’re constantly playing defense.

Switch over to offense mode by pausing to determine which of your tasks are . . .


What really matters in life can sometimes be a deep philosophical consideration, but often it’s easy to sort out what’s truly important:

At the same time, flag the tasks on your to-do list that can’t even compare in importance:


Some to-do list items really do need to be done right now:

Others can clearly wait:


Face it.  Sometimes the thing that gets your immediate attention is the thing that’s screaming at you the loudest.

That might be a literal scream.  (My toddler does not like to wait for his milk.)  Or it could be something else that’s just in your face:

So whenever some new task presents itself to you, stop for a beat and size it up.

Is it truly important?  Is it truly urgent?  Or is just loud?

From what loud but ultimately unimportant or non-urgent task did you free yourself today?

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